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Animage Academy Year One
is a young adult academy urban fantasy novel for people who love a good dose of drama, unique characters, and coming to love yourself exactly as you are.

Animage Academy Year Two is a young adult academy urban fantasy novel in a four-book series for people who love facing your past, finding your courage, unique multi-cultural shifters, and lots of teenage drama.

Animage Academy Year Three is a young adult academy urban fantasy for people who love the thrill of competition, a test of relationships and coming together for something bigger than oneself.

Animage Academy Year Four is a young adult academy urban fantasy for people who love thrilling action, magical battles and sticking together in tough times.

The most popular girl in school…...has a secret that could get her killed. Supernaturals are shunned throughout society. But shifters are the most hated of all. Especially the one who carries The Owl. If discovered, shifters meet a gory fate.

Her secret is out . . .. . . and she is in even more danger than she knew. Now Emily has to sit and wait. A whole family of evil roves is after her. But they don’t just want her dead.

Armies are being built on both sides. . .

Emily has no choice but to join forces with those who have tried to kill her kind.

But now the question is, are they even fighting the right enemy???

It looks like they failed . . .

But Marion isn’t ready to give up. Emily and Michael were sacrificed on the altar, just like everyone dreaded they would be. Now the apocalypse is upon them.

Qatarina Wanders is an acclaimed author renowned for weaving intricate tales that delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche. With a flair for urban fantasy, psychological and Gothic horror, and the enigmatic realms of dark academia, Qatarina's stories captivate readers with their haunting beauty and profound depth. Her works are set in the meticulously crafted 'Mythikana world,' where a mysterious grimoire called the Mythikana serves as the nexus of her narratives.

Qatarina's storytelling is characterized by its intellectual rigor and an unflinching exploration of themes such as death, sexuality, and the supernatural. Her narratives are not just stories but experiences that challenge and shift perspectives, inviting readers to ponder the profound mysteries of existence.

Her extensive experience in the world of self-publishing and editing spans more than two decades and means she is uniquely placed to help authors achieve their dreams of publication and get their messages out into the world. In addition, she is a single mom, competitive weightlifter, avid reader, and skydiver.

Founder of Wandering Words Media

Qatarina is also the visionary behind Wandering Words Media, a publishing house born from her former editing company. Embracing a dark academia aesthetic, WanderingWords Media is dedicated to publishing works that resonate with open-minded individuals who are fascinated by the interplay of death, intellect, and sensuality.

Qatarina's Pen Names

Writing under multiple pen names, Qatarina explores diverse genres and storytelling styles.

As Venus Rose, she immerses readers in first-person narratives that blend adult content with the same dark and fantastical elements, creating an intimate and visceral reading experience.

Under QB Wanders, she ventures into the futuristic realms of sci-fi, space ozpera, and cyberpunk noir within the 'Streamiverse world,' where themes of consciousness and connectivity are intricately explored.